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Animal Handling

I believe that everyone has at least one irrational fear. Whether they’re heights, needles or blood everyone has one, and everyone has to face them at some point or another. When I was younger I was terrified of snakes. And spiders. Oh, and bleach (don’t ask). But now, with the help of the Maryland Zoo I have been able to conquer, some, of my fears.

Part of my internship at the Animal Embassy in the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore involves animal handling. The animals kept at the Embassy as used for educational purposes and are used to contact with humans. The remaining animals in the zoo are certainly not accustomed to being handled by people.  There are four levels of animal handling, with each animal being assigned to a level based on difficulty. So the African black-footed penguins are level four, whereas the hissing cockroaches are level one. I’m proud to say that I’ve begun training on level three animals, which include our Eastern Screech Owls, Chinese Alligator, Boa Constrictor and the Kookaburra.

When I took the level two animal handling test, my mother recoiled at the idea of me working with a Corn Snake and Ball Python, while she was very pleased to hear about the Giant Flemish Rabbits. Ten years ago, I would have never thought about being ten feet close to a snake, much less having one on my arm. It’s funny to think that I’d be using bleach, holding snakes, and being in awe of spiders now. I’m glad I’ve overcome some of my fears at this internship while just…doing my job. However, I don’t believe I’ll have the opportunity to get over acrophobia at the zoo anytime soon.

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Welcome to the Maryland Zoo!

Hello! My name is Marykate and I will be a  sophomore  undergraduate student at CSU. For the next few weeks I’ll be volunteering as an intern at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. My primary area of work is at the Animal Embassy, which is where the animals that are used for education programs are kept. The Embassy houses over 100 animals including mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. I’ll be working alongside two zookeepers and the Embassy manager to care for the animals by preparing diets, cleaning exhibits, and monitoring animal health. I’ll update soon 😀