Hello again from Medora!

I have had quite an exciting week looking for mares undergoing their foal heats (a good time to observe repro behaviors, that occurs 7-10 days after their foal is born) and striking out on my own to look for bands.  A few fellow vet students from CSU visited Lindsey and I on Saturday as they traveled through North Dakota for a RAVS trip, and I took them on a tour of the park, as well as to a longhorn cattle branding out in the middle of nowhere, which was a sight to see!  The weather here has been very tumultuous, with sunny skies one day and torrential rains and thunderstorms the next, which dictates where in the park we are able to hike to look for the horses.  On very rainy days, we are forced to do observations from our truck (Lindsey and I drive the park’s government trucks when we are working in the park, to help us look more official while studying the bands).  Now I’ll leave you with some photos from my last week – I thought the one of my little car next to the train of trucks and trailers at the branding to be particularly humorous!

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    • meg
    • June 9th, 2010

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! What fantastic animals these horses are!

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